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类型 Boss
环境 The Underworld
AI类型 Wall of Flesh Body AI
攻击力 50 接觸
生命值 8000 (共享)
防御力 12
掉落钱币 8 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) 稀有度
Healing Potion.png生命藥水( Healing Potion) 100%
Pwnhammer.png神錘·無堅不摧( Pwnhammer) 100%
Breaker Blade.png破壞者巨劍( Breaker Blade) 16.67%
Clockwork Assault Rifle.png發條式突擊步槍( Clockwork Assault Rifle) 16.67%
Laser Rifle.png激光步槍( Laser Rifle) 16.67%
Warrior Emblem.png鬥士之章( Warrior Emblem) 16.67%
Sorcerer Emblem.png法師之章( Sorcerer Emblem) 16.67%
Ranger Emblem.png弓箭手之章( Ranger Emblem) 16.67%
Wall of Flesh Mask.png血肉之牆面具( Wall of Flesh Mask) 14.29%Pc only.png
Wall of Flesh Trophy.png血肉之牆紀念章( Wall of Flesh Trophy) 10%

血肉之墙常常被称为肉山,是由一面非常巨大的肉墙和两只眼睛与一只嘴巴构成。高度占据整个屏幕,厚度也不薄。一旦被召唤出来,它就会向一个方向持续移动直到世界尽头,这个特性迫使玩家必须要在危险的地狱中不断顺着血肉之墙的移动方向移动,同时与它战斗。血肉之墙的剩余生命值与移动速度成反比。玩家必须在它到达地图的尽头之前击败他,否则它会消失,而且在这个世界里的玩家都会死亡(会出现独特的死亡信息。"<PLAYERNAME> was Licked")。

玩家要因应自身的手残程度建造跑道。标准长度应是六分之一个屏幕宽度那么长。但如果玩家拥有了诸如 水上行走药剂重力药剂熔岩跋涉者的饰品就可以无视地狱的那些岩浆了。

血肉之墙的身躯上会生成一种由一根血管连接在血肉之墙身躯上的怪物:暴食。血肉之墙的剩余生命值与暴食的攻击力和防御力成正比,因此建议先杀死它们。当暴食的剩余生命值低于一定程度时它将会脱离血肉之墙向玩家飞去。 血肉之墙的两只眼里射出的激光会随着血肉之墙生命值的减少额增加伤害,速度和频率。 当血肉之墙的生命值低于4000时中间的嘴巴会吐出血蛭来追逐玩家。 如果玩家试图穿过血肉之墙的身躯,那么你将会在穿过去的一瞬间获得一个“卷舌”的反面效果,其效果状态为被一只不可闪躲的触手抓回血肉之墙的前方并损失大量生命值。 如果玩家试图逃离地狱,玩家就会会瞬间死亡,并弹出消息“<玩家名>试图逃跑。”如果玩家使用[魔镜]来传送回出生点,那玩家会在传送后死亡,这是一个节省物品或金钱的好办法,因为你的物品或金钱会在出生点掉落,而非危险的地狱。

血肉之墙被打败后,它的掉落物会被封在在一个由魔金砖构成的正方形里,里面必然会有一个神锤。不过,如果你很不幸地碰到了BUG,这些物品可能会落入岩浆。击败了血肉之墙后,你的世界将进入困难模式,你将面临更厉害的敌人,并将产生两个斜条纹的神圣之地和腐化之地(或血腥之地)。 注意:请参阅关于困难模式获取更广泛的信息。

身體部位[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

类型 Enemy
AI类型 血肉之墙眼睛AI
攻击力 11-15 眼睛激光 (根據生命計算)
50 接觸
生命值 8000 (共享)
防御力 0
击退抗性 100%
Internal NPC ID: 114
类型 Enemy
AI类型 暴食
攻击力 30 (血肉之牆生命 75%-)
45 (血肉之牆生命 50%-)
60 (血肉之牆生命 25%-)
75 (血肉之牆生命 <25%)
生命值 240
防御力 10 (血肉之牆生命 75%+)
20 (血肉之牆生命 50%+)
30 (血肉之牆生命 25%+)
40 (血肉之牆生命 <25%)
击退抗性 -10%
Internal NPC ID: 115
类型 Enemy
AI类型 Demon Eye
攻击力 30
生命值 80
防御力 12
击退抗性 20%
Item (Quantity) 稀有度
Heart.png( Heart) 75%
Internal NPC ID: 116

Notes[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 召唤血肉之墙最常见的一种情况就是 Voodoo Demon 死亡后掉落巫毒娃娃,娃娃掉落到岩浆里就会杀死向导并召唤血肉之墙。如向导不存活则不会召唤血肉之墙。
  • 在以前手机版本,击败血肉之墙并不能启动困难模式,也不会掉落神锤.
  • 最开始与血肉之墙战斗的过程最艰难。
  • 在战斗中使用回城药剂或魔镜会结束战斗并杀死玩家.

Tips[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Certain consumables and accessories such as Gravitation Potion, Obsidian Skin Potion, Rocket Boots and Lava Waders can make traversing the underworld much easier.
  • Target the eyes rather than the mouth, since the eyes have 0 defense.
  • The Wall of Flesh's spawn location is determined by where the Voodoo Doll was thrown in relation to the center of the world. Thus, you can get the maximum space to fight the Wall by reaching the edge of the world and throwing the doll toward that edge.
    • This also determines the direction it will face. Keep in mind being on the left side of the world will make it sweep from left to right, and the right side will make it sweep right to left when making your WoF arena.
  • Preparing the Underworld for the battle is advised. Having a reasonably long straight path with no danger of getting stuck or falling can make the battle significantly easier, and can even block lasers from the lower eye if the path is at the proper height.
  • You may want to make a backup of your world in case one of the bugs appears or you afterwards discover that you weren't ready for Hardmode yet.
  • Multi-hit spells and weapons, such as Diamond Staff, Demon Scythe, and Night's Edge, help beat the Hungry quickly.
  • Inflicting multiple sections of the Wall of Flesh with the On Fire! or Cursed Inferno debuffs, using Bows or Repeaters and the appropriate Arrows, will deal damage much quicker.
  • Using Bombs, Dynamite, and Explosives to destroy the Underworld houses makes leveling the Underworld much easier.
  • If you start the battle in the same place multiple times, you can leave the treasure box intact to mark your record time.
  • If you're attempting to make a bridge and there's lava in the way, you can drop bombs in the lava to blow up the blocks underneath it and force it to go lower.
  • A Star Cannon with about 250 Fallen Stars can easily demolish the WoF.
  • The Wall of Flesh attempts to cover entire Underworld cavern space by moving its eyes up and down; it orients by existence/absence of Ash blocks 4-5 tiles above and beneath the eyes. That means making bridge out of ash will most probably keep the lower eye at constant height 4-5 blocks from the bridge.
  • Like said above, the Underworld has lots of fire-based obstacles, (example:Hellstone and Lava) so having an Obsidian Skull or Obsidian Shield is useful in traveling in the Underworld.
  • A Water Bolt combined with a Mana Flower can kill the WoF quickly.
  • If you have them, Beenades can help immensely in killing the hungry early on in the fight. They can also be used to help kill the Wall of Flesh quickly, since the bees are very powerful in large groups.

Bugs[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

File:WOF OreBug.png
Wall of Flesh somehow spawned Hardmode ores upon dying.
漏洞: Sometimes the Wall of Flesh fails to spawn properly. This can range from spawning on the wrong side of the world, serious glitches involving The Tongue, spawning with parts missing, and (most commonly) simply failing to spawn.
漏洞: After killing the Wall of Flesh, there is a very rare chance that Hardmode will fail to generate. (The spawning of the Witch Doctor may be connected with this bug somehow.)
漏洞: If you manage to kill 2 pieces or more of it at once, you will be rewarded with 2 kills and 2 sets of drops.
漏洞: Console only.png On Xbox, the Wall of Flesh will sometimes be visible only to the host of the game but other players can still be damaged and damage it.
漏洞: Console only.png On Xbox, the Wall of Flesh will often spawn backwards.
漏洞: If you summon the Wall of Flesh too high, it will proceed as normal but keep elevating until it reaches the sky limit.
漏洞: Killing the Wall of Flesh for the first time may spawn some hardmode ores without breaking any demon altars (causes unknown). In addition, other ores may spawn randomly at any time after triggering hardmode (after a few minutes). It is unknown whether corruption blocks spawned as well, but they most likely did, as wraiths spawned after the message.
漏洞: When summoning the Wall of Flesh you may sometimes hear the roar sounded in a rapid manner and stopping after a few seconds. The wall part is removed while the eyes and mouth are still present. This may cause lag which will persist even if it is defeated.
漏洞: Sometimes when you kill the wall of flesh, the text "The spirits of light and dark have been released" will not show up even though hardmode has indeed started.
漏洞: Console only.png When defeated in the console version, it may spawn the room without any loot or gold. This was experienced in multiplayer using PS3/Vita.
漏洞: If you are killed by the Wall of Flesh and come back down, sometimes it may only have a mouth and be visible to only one player. Shortly after seeing it you will randomly die. (not tested in single player)
漏洞: Sometimes, if you have a world with Crimson, killing the Wall of Flesh will spawn Corruption biomes, rather than more Crimson.
漏洞: Sometimes if you attempt to kill the Wall of Flesh and die, then go back down and throw another Voodoo Doll into the lava, even if the Guide has respawned, the Wall won't spawn again until you exit the world then try again, and even then it sometimes does not work. This may be caused by simply not waiting long enough for the Wall to despawn
漏洞: Sometimes, when you throw the Voodoo Doll into lava, the Wall of Flesh won't spawn even though the chat says <YOUR GUIDE'S NAME> was slain. When you come back to the surface, the Guide will still be present and still functioning fine, but no home is set. The Guide's home is also unable to be set. This can be fixed by re-entering the world. (Only discovered in Multiplayer Host and Play)
漏洞: Console only.png When spawned on Xbox, you may sometimes die immediately after throwing the Guide Voodoo Doll into lava.
漏洞: Pc only.png Sometimes after you have died to the wall of flesh and respawned, when you return to the underworld, you will still have the Horrified debuff, but only at the center of the map. (Can be fixed by closing the Terraria window and reloading the game; simply relogging will not fix the issue.)
漏洞: Pc only.png Sometimes the WoF will spawn with all body parts (mouth,eye,hungry) missing. And ends up with just the body and nothing to defend itself. Sometimes dubbed "The Tounge" after the debuff.
漏洞: Sometimes you'll die immediately after the wall of flesh spawn itself. In this case the chat says '<YOUR NAME> was linked' after the normal chat. (Found in Terraria PE iOS v1.2.6508)

History[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

NPC:Blue Slime.png 困难模式前 • Pixie.png 困难模式 • Goblin Warrior.png 事件敌人 • Skeletron Head.png 頭目
Bunny.png 被动生物 • Guide.png 城镇NPC • Baby Dinosaur.png 召唤物